We’re visual creatures, us humans. And according to Forbes, ‘[m]ost of us process information based on what we see.’ So creating the right impression is positively vital, particularly in the world of business.

Not standing out can mean the difference between devastating failure and outstanding success.


This is the sort of information that needs to be conveyed to businesses in search of trade signs, because a well-designed sign not only attracts customers, it also says a lot about what that business offers and who that business really is.

The fact is, we make a snap judgement in just 7 seconds. Whether it’s a potential business partner, an impulse purchase, or a considered company decision, those vital 7 seconds don’t leave a lot of time sell yourself – or assist in selling other companies.

Don’t be afraid of broad strokes.

One of the biggest issues many businesses face is distilling their companies, their values and their brand into a single, consistent message – both in words and in visuals. Of course a company has a lot to say, and there are plenty of strings to their bow (or services offered, or products sold), but being able to reduce that to an eye-catching logo and a snappy slogan on a sign is crucial.


There’s even more to it than simple branding exercises. There’s no getting around the fact that whatever industry someone’s in, it’ll be a crowded market. Even Facebook has competitors, after all. It’s estimated that 35% of people won’t even know about a business without a sign. That’s a hefty amount of traffic that’s reliant on the right sign, particularly when you consider that, for local business, many potential and existing customers live within 5 miles of a business.

When you factor those statistics in, it’s clear to see just how important first impressions are for businesses.

So how do you grab the all-important attention of customers?

There are a number of ways in which shops can pull customers in off the high street – attractive store fronts, human billboards and, of course, store signage. By using a variety of visible methods, shop owners can encourage passers-by into their shops.

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