Magnetic signs are incredibly popular and can be found on many commercial vehicles. Instead of painting the company’s logo and brand onto the car, business owners can choose a magnetic sign instead, as they provide a wealth of advantages.

If you’re not sure whether magnetic signs are the right choice for you or your customer, take a look at the benefits they offer:


Magnetic signs are perfect for customisation. They’re easy to tailor to individual or business’ needs and help people differentiate themselves from the competition. These signs come in a variety of sizes, ideal for different vehicles and surfaces – they can be applied to metal doors and easily removed without damaging the car’s paintwork.

Because of this, they’re ideal for businesses in which the vehicle doubles as a family car or when contractors need to change or hire their vans to someone else.



The major advantage of having a magnetic sign on the company vehicle or vehicles is that it helps promote the business. When drivers are on the road or parked, people have the opportunity to retrieve contact information, so it’s important that signs contain all relevant data, such as phone numbers, website URL, name, logo and tagline.

The sign needs to convey the business at one glance as, otherwise, it won’t be useful; you can only create conversions if people understand what the company is about. 


One of the worst things that can happen when the vehicle is on the road is for the sign to fall off… for this reason, they need to be sturdy and last for a very long time. The magnetic sheeting needs to have a strong pull and the printing should bring the sign to life with high-quality images and fade-resistant ink.

Our signs have a magnetic rubber base with a gloss white vinyl on the front where we print and apply graphics. Their magnetic attraction means that they only work on metal surfaces. While the signs should only be fitted over flat areas, they can still look good if that’s not possible (although they can fall off if air gets between it and the surface).


Magnetic signs are great choices for commercial vehicles, as they can passively promote any business and then be removed when necessary.

We’ll print off any sign you wish and even send it to your customer should you request it so, if you have any questions about magnetic signs or any of our other products and services, contact us today on 01524 841 726 and we’ll help you with any queries.