Signposts are one of the integral ways in which we navigate the world. Not everyone has a satnav, map or even a compass on hand at all times. So, these indicators of where you are in the world are some of the most necessary and useful things you will find on the streets.

Of course, some of these signs are much more famous than others. They are designed to catch the eye and stick in the memory of all that see them. But, which signs have bled into the social consciouness? 


This is a street that dates back – astonishingly – as early as 1642. It has since become synonymous with the songbird hijinks of the musical theatre that has brought this street to fame. It has become a major draw for tourists and people can often be spotted taking pictures of this iconic sign.


But, what is it that has made this sign so infamous? Is it the striking design? Overall, it is just like any other street sign on the New York path. The word on the sign is, of course, the true reason for the fame of the sign. The street itself stretches for kilometres, through the Bronx and is much more than simply the theatre district. However, from flying green witches to cats it is also the location of an institution beloved by music lovers.

 People the world-over come to this hallowed venue to experience the wonder of music. So, in this instance, the meaning of the sign is much more the cause for fame than the sign itself!

London Underground

One of the most famous transport systems in the world, the sign for the London Underground has become a cultural icon. The heart of England and a metropolis of everything modern, London is one of the pulse points of the world and so that the transport system that services it has become linked with this modernity.


Many even have this design framed in their homes, although the actual sign frames are much more practical than a product of home design. From illuminated creations to street art, the red circle has taken on a life of its own. It has even appeared in literature and other forms of media (Dumbledore has a birthmark in the shape of the London Underground map in the Harry Potter series).

These are two example of the location of the sign making the design famous, rather than the design itself being spectacular. Fame of a sign comes in two parts: a catching design and

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