A good sign is not only eye-catching, but it is also memorable. The point of a sign is to stand out from the crowd and create a buzz, so something that draws this sort of attention on a large scale is sometimes hard to achieve. Going viral on the internet isn’t easier, but it is a much easier process than instilling your sign in the social consciousness. So achieving this is quite astonishing.

So, what are some of the most famous signs in the world and how have they nabbed this status?



If you do not recognise this first sign, then it is because you have been living under a rock. World-famous, the Hollywood sign is often a point of destruction in any and all disaster films that hit the cinemas. It is situated on the hills of Los Angeles, California and was erected in 1923. This is a sign that has been around almost a century and so it has had plenty of time to become a part of the landscape. Not only this, but Hollywood is the epicentre of the movie world. The stars converge on this location and this sign has become an iconic representation of this fact.

Originally, the sign said ‘Hollywoodland’ and was an advertisement for new housing developments in the area. It is an example of a sign having one purpose, but evolving into an icon instead.

Las Vegas

Another native of the USA, the signpost of Las Vegas is another sign that has become world famous. It was erected in 1959 since then there have been many replicas of the original sign closer to the main strip of the city for the benefit of tourists. It originally belonged to a salesman, who sold it to the state of Nevada as it became more and famous. The design of the sign itself is in the public domain as a result of this. It has become associated with luxury, money and of course gambling as a result of the reputation of the city itself. You do not go to Vegas without seeing the sign, as such, it has become a facet of the cityscape.

The back of the sign reads ‘Drive Carefully – Come Back Soon’. So, not only is it a point of culture, it also has a good message to go along with it!

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