Because the new year is always a time for reflection and renewal, what better way to start off 2017 than by taking a look at what you’ve been doing right – and what has gone wrong – in your business, so that you can keep improving it. This is because, in order to do something different about it, you need to know what works and what doesn’t!

We’ve previously discussed the ways you can market yourself in 2017, so now we’re taking a look at the changes you can apply to your business.


Update Your Store

Redecorating your business can be one of your 2017 resolutions. Whether it’s because you feel your shop’s decorations are outdated or because you believe it could benefit from a change, this is the perfect opportunity to do it, as the new year brings renewed motivation with it.

For example, upgrading your current store signs to projecting brackets or illuminated signs can immediately give your shop a ‘new’ appearance. You can also alter the layout of the store if you wish and update your technology.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Changing your business can also mean changing yourself. As you do about your day-to-day tasks it’s perfectly normal to enter a routine and do the same things every time. However, with the new year comes the opportunity to try new things and get outside your comfort zone.

If you simply feel like your business needs something different, challenge yourself! Try to get more involved in social media, present a new product in public, promote your store with a different audience than the one you’re used to, etc. You’ll have more confidence in yourself by experiencing new things, which in turn will help you to have more confidence in your business.


Get Organised

Now is the time to make a fresh start and clean out your office or shop. Removing clutter and getting rid of papers you don’t need anymore can give you renewed energy – and make you feel lighter and more focused! You can even scan important documents onto a computer or cloud service so that you can save on physical space. The added benefits of virtual storage are that it can help you remain organised and provides easy access to your information.

Improve Your Profile

And this doesn’t mean just your online presence. It also means getting more involved in the community to let people know you better, promoting your store at local events, participating in B2B conferences, and much more. By improving the way people think about you and your business, you’re more likely to see a boost in sales.

You might believe that raising your profile is only necessary if you have negative reviews of your store or products, for instance, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even if you’re already well-established in your community, online or otherwise, you have everything to gain by continuing to grow your profile – like reach a wider audience.


2017 is the year for change! Don’t miss out on new opportunities and invest in your business today. we want to help you expand your business, which is why we provide a wide range of signs that can help you stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to learn more about them and how you can benefit from them!