Brand identity is crucial to any shop, no matter what they specialise in. After all, ensuring that your shop stands out from the crowd is essential for success, as your competitors will be vying for the same shoppers. Branding is the promise you make to your customers, meaning they’ll create expectations around your products and what makes them different from everyone else’s.

Knowing that branding your store can give you a competitive edge is very different from knowing how to do it. The important question, therefore, is: how to successfully brand your shop?


Store Design

A good shop design that effortlessly lead your customer to the products they desire by itself. The layout of your shop, then, needs to be appealing to everyone who visits your shop – and stick in their minds! For instance, you would recognise IKEA’s store layout anywhere, as it’s unique and allows people to navigate it easily.

Trigger positive associations between your shop and your customers by creating the perfect layout, from colours and images, to lights and smells.


Window Displays

A good window display can also draw the eye of passers-by. If you choose a creative display, it’s likely that your customers will be intrigued enough to stop and enter your shop – which can lead to sales. In addition, great displays can make people remember you more easily in the future and return to your store to make further purchases.

After all, customers will associate your window displays with quality, innovation, and any other values you wish to convey.



Having a sign on the outside of your shop can bring a world of benefits. It goes without saying that interesting and innovative designs can draw the attention of existing and potential customers. Just like your logo, a sign represents your business, so make sure that you choose the right one.

Your signs should be relevant to your business, as well as unique. This can help you carve a name for yourself amongst your competition, meaning you can easily distinguish yourself from everyone else – the essence of a brand!


Your shop’s brand is the combination of the image you want your business to convey and the associations your customers make when they encounter it. This can lead to an increase in the number of visitors to your store, which can be translated to an increase in sales.

Contact us here at TradeSignz to learn more about how we can help you brand your shop with our vast range of signs – and reap the benefits that come it!