Everything needs a spruce up every now and then, even your business. If you’re in the middle of a rebrand, or you’re considering one, let us ask you a question: Why?

And if we can follow it up with a couple more questions… What prompted the rebrand? What are you hoping to achieve from the overhaul of your business? And how are you doing it?

Chances are you’ve thought about what colours will define your fresh, new brand. You’ve looked at having a website redesigned (or at least giving it a slight overhaul) and making changes to your social media accounts. You might have even considered a new name that ties it all together.

And just how are those shopfront signs coming along?


There are plenty of ways in which signs can be used to make the most of your rebranding, using them to raise awareness and drive more traffic – both foot-traffic and website visitors. It’s something worth considering for your own business, especially when you consider that even in the digital age, big-name brands like the National Trust take their signage very seriously. Here’s why…

For one thing, they can accurately and succinctly sum up your brand in a single, visual stroke – that’s quite important, given how quickly we build initial impressions – approximately 7 seconds, as it goes. So the right signs offer you a very real, unique opportunity to express who you are, what you do, and what your values are, overhauling your company’s whole philosophy. Couple that with the core part of any rebranding exercise – fresh logo design – and your new sign can do so much for your business in very little time.

So you’re spending precious time and money giving your business a facelift, but who’s going to know about it? Signs offer awesome assistance with highlighting your grand rebrand – particularly when you consider that 35% of local people wouldn’t even know about the existence of a company, let alone a rebrand. That’s because we’re hard-wired to notice visual change; it’s a primal thing. And if we notice it, we’ll remember it. And that’s brand awareness in action.

You can go well beyond just the sign above the door, too. You need more people ducking through your door, so as part of the big rebrand reveal, why not check out banners that can catch the eye and can be made for a variety of reasons: the big sale, the 10% discount, the free consultancy you’re offering.


Rebranding your business means making an impact across all platforms – and that starts with your premises. To find out more how we can help provide signs for businesses and sign-makers, contact us online or call 01524 841 726.