The economy has summoned quite a comotion over the past few weeks; from Greece and the EU to Osborne and his little red briefcase.

Do we want to boost the economy within our country?

Do you want your products to increase in quality, improve on customer relations and service efficiency, boost your reputation among customers and clients and ultimately increase your profits?
Of course we do! I hear you cry.

The sure fire way we can do this is through utilising the manufacturing trade waiting for us on our doorstep, the Best of British.  It shouldn’t come as a suprise that manufactured goods make up around 2/3 of the UK’s exports; our tiny island is the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world and overall contibutes £6.7tr to the economy on a global scale. (Now THAT’S impressive)

Thanks to the non-profit organisation Made in Great Britain, for which we are a member, it is now even easier for companies and businesses to spot manufactured goods made within the UK. They’ve paved the way for British fabricators, by showing endless support to those involved, and they’re contantly expanding thier list of recognised manufacturers, as more and more companies are re-shoring their resources.

This all started back in January 2011, when Prescott-based cooker manufacture,   Stoves conducted an independant survey among 1,000 British adults. The results showed consumers confusion over products made within the UK. There was an overwhelming cry for clearer representation over where products had been manufactured. The orginal ‘tick-logo’ (left) surfaced 6 months later when Stoves took action on their research and answered the cries of business owners and end-users alike.

By the end of 2012, over 600 companies were produly displaying the logo on their manufactured goods. And in 2013 the logo was re-branded into the marque (right) and a membership scheme was introduced.

The folks over at EEF conduct a survey once every 2 years to look into the progress of the British manufacturing industry; They have provided a few statistics from 2014 on the benefits of re-shoring:

·         2/5 of UK companies saw a rise in revenue

·         49% of companies have re-shored their manufacturing not only to improve quality, but to reduce times and increse reliability when it comes to delivieries.

·         10,000 extra jobs had been created within the industry along with an extra 66,000 apprenticeships.

These days in many companies the focus has been shifted from the price of products to win new customers. The focus has been turned to customer service and rapport, it’s more a case of:

‘How quickly can we get it from A to B?’
‘Will it get to Company X when we say it will?’
‘How can we ensure the reliability of our service?’
‘Can we be trusted by our cutsomers to get the products to them when they need them?’

This is no discredit to our European, American or Asian neighbours, however sourcing your manufacturred goods closer to home, wherever possible,  can have a number of significant direct and indirect improvements on your buisness as a whole.






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