It’s almost here again, that date in the shopping calendar that as a retailer you both love and hate. Black Friday. An event that has spawned from America, bringing brawls and discounts alike in the hundreds. Something about that little red sticker excites people in the lead-up to the festive holidays; saving money on the mountain of presents for your family and friends is important after all!

So, how do you take advantage of Black Friday as a retailer this coming November 25th and help make your business come out on top?

Market Early

The key to a good Black Friday is to let people know it’s happening in the first place. You want a full store or lots of orders, but that isn’t going to happen when people aren’t aware your store participates in the sale madness.


Put up a sign in your window, send out a newsletter and even a mention in the local newspaper or radio show would be good coverage. On one hand, you don’t want to spam people with your Black Friday participation, but, you also want to make sure you spread the message. Strike the balance right and you will have a great turnout come Black Friday!


You know what people love about Black Friday? Discounts, beautiful money-saving percentage markers that make this day such a hit before the rush of Christmas. Marketing Black Friday and not providing any discounts from the norm? That isn’t in the spirit of the day, nor will your customers look fondly on such a move.

It’s not a case of 50% off everything. Even a 25% discount on certain, big-ticket, items can generate sales that you would normally only see over a number of months. It may be a discount for your customers, but, in fact, you may find that it’s a huge boost in revenue for your business!

Social Media

Of course, one way to spread your Black Friday message is to use the power of social media. In the modern world, nothing spreads the word faster than a speedy Tweet or a quick Facebook post. Social media is great for every month of the year, but it is particularly important in retail coming up to December. Customers will be searching for gifts, ideas and last minute offers for their loved ones.

It’s important that your business doesn’t miss out, so set up that social media platform today! You may be surprised at the amount of foot traffic you will convert from online clicks.

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